How to pick an attorney

How to Find an Attorney in Roseville CA

Roseville AttorneyFirst and foremost, you should seek out referrals from your friends and colleagues when trying to find an attorney. But, don’t settle for just any referrals. Oftentimes, you’ll receive referrals to “friends” or acquaintances of your colleagues and friends. “He’s a great guy; I play racquetball with Joe,” is a typical example. It may be true that Joe is a great guy – or an even better racquetball player – but you should be looking for a great lawyer.

So, when acting on a referral, I suggest that you only follow up on referrals to lawyers with whom your friends are familiar with their work. In other words, the only referrals worth using are those where your friend actually knows the work of the lawyer, not just her personality. What to do if you don’t have a good referral? If you’re looking for a lawyer to handle a lawsuit or arbitration, you should look for a lawyer who has a record of winning. After all, if a lawyer has a record of winning most of the time, the chances are that she knows what she’s doing. On the other hand, if a lawyer has a mediocre record of winning, that lawyer probably doesn’t have the skill or experience of a more successful attorney.

Every aspect of lawyering is an art.

Drafting a persuasive brief. Cross-examining the opponent or the opponent’s expert witness. Crafting a compelling closing argument. All of these require instincts and talents not taught in law school. The best way to know if a lawyer is a great artist in the courtroom is to look at his or her record of victories – the only true measure.

So, when researching an attorney, look into her win ratio. In an interview, ask the lawyer if she has much courtroom experience and, if so, how many wins and losses. There are lawyers who win the vast majority of their cases. If your case is important, you should pick one of them to represent you.