What our clients say

“Comes through with his promise to work hard for you”
‐ Andrew
“Jeffrey Delivers Like No Other”
‐ Patty
“Exceptional Litigator”
‐ Craig
“simply the very best there is”
‐ Marc & Robyn
“Passionate Advocate”
‐ Sarah Ragan
“Outstanding Attorney”
‐ Ed Hendrick
“Jeffrey Ochrach Performs Magic”
‐ Jim Bender
“Jeffrey Ochrach is a valued legal and business advisor”
‐ Jeff Stewart
“Thoughtful Attorney, a Friend and Partner in Business”
‐ Anese Cavanaugh
“Jeffrey Ochrach is an Excellent Strategic Thinker”
‐ Lee Proctor
“for a complicated and difficult case, you’ve found the right attorney”
‐ MarkH
“master of his craft”
‐ Mike Frey
“Amazing in the courtroom”
‐ Lois Butler
“superstar attorney”
‐ Scott Bloom
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What the professionals say

“As a litigator myself, I can say Jeff is the finest trial attorney I know”
‐ Joseph Zellmer
“Aggessive and Talented Litigator”
‐ Elizabeth Ison
“Jeff is Ethical, Highly Professional and Pleasant to Deal With”
‐ Pamela Wilson
“Jeff is a fantastic lawyer and an even better person”
‐ Jon Pfeiffer
“extraordinarily intelligent lawyer and very proactive”
‐ Catherine Latempa
“passionate and highly successful for decades”
‐ Robert Sinclair
“knowledgeable and skilled with a balanced demeanor to get deals done”
‐ Robert Rymek
“highly skilled attorney that is well respected”
‐ Michael Waddington
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Our Core Values


This means crafting every brief and cross-examination as if the case rests on it

Honesty & Integrity

We firmly believe being the good guy helps our firm and our clients achieve success…
and it is the only way we chose to live

Hard Work

We battle against many smart and talented lawyers … we believe working harder than our opponent always pays off


We always treat our clients with respect, respond promptly to our clients’ inquiries and, most importantly, partner with our clients to achieve success