Client and Peer Reviews

Client and Peer Reviews

Jeff is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected

I endorse Jeffrey. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community ... Read More

Jeff is very knowledgeable and skilled with a balanced demeanor to get deals done

Jeff and I have been on opposing sides in a number of matters. He is not only very knowledgeable and skilled he also has a demeanor which nicely balances the strength and aggressiveness needed for effective advocacy with the professionalism and civility which helps get deals done ... Read More

Jeff is passionate and has been highly successful for decades — he earns my unqualified endorsement

For decades, Jeff has been highly successful in legal matters involving business and litigation. I frequently refer cases to him, as I know he will always represent the referred client passionately and well. He has my unqualified endorsement ... Read More

Jeff is extraordinarily intelligent lawyer and very proactive

Jeff is an extraordinarily intelligent lawyer and very proactive on his cases. It is a pleasure to work with him ... Read More

As a litigator myself, I can say that Jeff is the finest trial attorney I know

I have known Jeff since we were both associates at a firm in San Francisco. We have stayed in close touch and I have enjoyed watching him develop into perhaps the finest trial lawyer I know. He has a remarkable ability to dive into a complicated case, hone in on the issues that matter, and get results. I heartily endorse Jeff ... Read More

Jeffrey H. Ochrach is simply the very best there is

If I were on the opposing side I would shake in my shoes and cry. And..., that is exactly what happen when our Builder tried to bully us. All We could say at that time was: "Oh My Gosh!!!" Even if we lost, we were excited to have paid for that front row seat to justice. Well... We did not loose, in fact... It was a landslide win!!! Jeffrey Ochrach, brought "The proof is in the pudding", front and center. That builder was not able to ever do what he put our family through ever again to anyone else and ... Read More

Jeff is an Aggessive and Talented Litigator

I’m a labor and employment lawyer, and when my clients need a litigator, I turn to Jeff. He is an aggressive and talented litigator and trial attorney, and he has won for every client I’ve referred to him ... Read More

Jeff is Ethical, Highly Professional and Pleasant to Deal With

I had a case with Mr. Ochrach in the past and I can say that he is ethical, highly professional and pleasant to deal with even if on opposite sides of the litigation. I would not hesitate to recommend his work ... Read More

Exceedingly knowledgeable and compassionate

Mr. Ochrach was an amazing help to me during a difficult time in my life. From our first discussion it was clear to me that my case would be handled well. Mr. Ochrach was able to bring complex and at times emotionally charged dynamics into realistic and understandable terms. All of the next steps were explained and well prepared throughout the process. I always had the sense that my best interests were Mr. Ochrach’s priority. The level of communication as well as the kindness and professionalism of the office staff was beyond good. Honesty, integrity, compassion and skill are descriptors ... Read More

Passionate Advocate

I have known Jeff approximately 20 years through Rotary International and I know him to be a passionate advocate for his clients ... Read More

Mr. Ochrach is Amazing in the courtroom

My sad story began about thirteen years ago. I was involved in a car accident that, on the surface seemed a simple matter of getting a lawyer and proceeding from there. My lawyer, who had been representing our business for years, mishandled the suit and let my case go pass the time I had to settle the matter. He said he simply forgot. My car was in the shop for 1 1/2 years, ended up being totaled and I was left hanging. It was difficult to find a lawyer that would handle my case of suing another lawyer and his ... Read More

Jeff is an Outstanding Attorney

Jeff is an outstanding attorney who explores all legal avenues open to help his client, and fully explains options and costs anticipated. I highly recommend you to Jeff if you should have a legal problem ... Read More

Jeff is a fantastic lawyer and an even better person

We have had several cases together where we represented co-defendants. Jeff has always gotten exceptional results for his clients. I recommend Jeff without hesitation ... Read More

Jeffrey Ochrach Performs Magic

I’ve known Jeff for many years and have found him to be an avid student of his profession. He uses every ounce of current and historical law to add fuel to his cases. He is strong in his coaching skills and methodical in his delivery. Jeff is very thorough in his preparation and passionate in his deliveries. I love to watch winners in their specific industries perform their “magic” regardless of their fields. When Jeff takes a case, he does so with one result in mind and that is to win. I have full confidence and admiration for Jeff, and ... Read More

Jeffrey Ochrach is a valued legal and business advisor

It is my pleasure to recommend Jeff Ochrach as a go to attorney in Northern California. Jeff was an instrumental part of the California defense team for my former company HealthMarkets, Inc. He is a valued legal and business advisor who I would not hesitate to retain should the need arise in California. I would greatly enjoy working with Jeff again should the opportunity present itself ... Read More

Jeffrey is a Thoughtful Attorney, a Friend and Partner in Business

I have worked with Jeff over the last couple of years and consider him an integral part of my advisory team. He is highly knowledgeable, provides quick and responsive service, and has a special ability to work with clients in a way that brings peace and clarity to the most detailed and ambiguous of circumstances. Having him as a thinking partner and attorney allows me to focus my energy and time on what’s most important in my business, while all the fine details and logistics are covered on the back end. I’ve recommended him to several clients and colleagues and ... Read More

Jeffrey Ochrach is an Excellent Strategic Thinker

I highly recommend Jeff Ochrach as a real estate attorney. He was responsive, knew the paths to take and then took them. Would definitely hire him again ... Read More

If you have a complicated and difficult case, you’ve found the right attorney in Mr. Ochrach!

If you need a BULLDOG to get a complicated job done, you’ve found the right law office. Our case was not simple. It involved the financial abuse of the elderly over a long period of time. Our first attorney mostly wrote letters back and forth but we were going nowhere fast. Then by luck we were referred the Mr Ochrach. Suddenly we were no longer dead in the water and our offense was amazing. At times our case crossed over into several different areas of law outside of Jeff’s expertise but he knew exactly where to go for advice on ... Read More

Jeffrey Ochrach is a master of his craft!

Jeff was recommended to me by a neighbor who had previous great experience with him. We had a difficult case, with little proof and lots of opposition perjury, and a highly-charged environment including a bitterly-fought restraining order against law enforcement. Jeff was a great listener, incorporating ideas we had when they made sense, and coming up to speed quickly on technical detail that was critical to our case. He was able to cross-examine the opposition to find the needles in the haystack to prove the lies arrayed against us, building our credibility and impeaching theirs. With our reputations and finances ... Read More

Jeffrey Ochrach is a superstar attorney

Avvo’s slogan “The right attorney makes the difference” defines my recent legal experiences. I was the Plaintiff in a lawsuit against prior partners for two years ending last week (Mar 2013). I engaged with two other attorneys before I found Jeffrey Ochrach of Ochrach Law Group and filed suit in 2011. My case was ineffective until Jeff. Jeff single-handedly changed my outcome. The contrast between these two prior attorneys and Jeff is stunning. Jeff is incredibly smart, disciplined, and an artisan in his craft. He is highly accurate, yet honest and forthcoming when he’s not sure. High accuracy when committing ... Read More