Nonsolicitation Clauses are Void as a Matter of Law

Nonsolicitation Clauses – Know the Facts Employers regularly require their employees to sign confidentiality clauses wherein the employee agrees to keep secret the company’s secrets and other proprietary information; e.g., customers’ identities, secret formulas or marketing concepts, financial information.  Less frequently, employers require employees to sign nonsolicitation agreements – whereby the employee agrees that, when leaving employment with the company, he or she …

When Is A Business Liable For The Wrongs Of Its Agents?

Roseville Attorney, Jeffrey Ochrach, answers the question, What is Vicarious Liabilty? Under California law and the law of most states, a company is liable for the wrongs of its employees that were committed within the scope of his employment.  This is called vicarious liability.  So, for example, if an employee is driving to pick up supplies