$21 Million Settlement of Breach of Contract case

Mr. Ochrach represented a local Sacramento television station in a lawsuit for breach of an option agreement to sell the TV station to a national television network. The defendant was a multi-billion- dollar company, and it hired one of the largest law firms in the country to fight the case. The defendant fought every issue like it was life or death. The defendant made relatively small settlement offers and promised to “crush” the local TV station.

The turning point case when Mr. Ochrach took the deposition of the CEO and founder of the National television network. The CEO was defended in his deposition by four lawyers – all from law schools like Harvard who objected to almost every question. They made this a very difficult deposition. Yet, Mr. Ochrach persisted and eventually cornered the CEO into giving testimony that revealed the truth – and was devastating to the defendant’s defense of the case. Mr. Ochrach then deposed two other senior executives of the National television network – again extracting key testimony for his client’s case.

Within months of taking these depositions, defense counsel’s negotiating position changed dramatically. The defendant was offering to pay twice what it had previously offered. Mr. Ochrach settled the case obtaining $21 million from the defendant.