My sad story began about thirteen years ago. I was involved in a car accident that, on the surface seemed a simple matter of getting a lawyer and proceeding from there. My lawyer, who had been representing our business for years, mishandled the suit and let my case go pass the time I had to settle the matter. He said he simply forgot. My car was in the shop for 1 1/2 years, ended up being totaled and I was left hanging.

It was difficult to find a lawyer that would handle my case of suing another lawyer and his insurance company. I don’t remember exactly when I ended up seeing Jeff Ochrach, I do remember making many phone calls and when he said he would be happy to see me, my husband and I made the appointment. And that is how it started. It ended up being a trial by jury. We were in court a week. I had never been in court before and it was overwhelming to me and very stressful. Jeff was wonderful in helping me through that difficult time. Very patient, explained my endless questions, and his confidence in handling the case eased almost all of my anxiety. It seemed he always had time for me and I never felt rushed and I always knew what was going on. Not only did he get the verdict we were asking for (actually more), he also had them cover all my attorney and court costs! He is amazing in the courtroom. I learned things from him that I still use today in handling myself in difficult situations.

We are still good friends, our families get together for dinners at least once a month and on occasion we can get a golf game in. I highly recommend my friend to anyone who needs a friend when it comes to the law. Thank you.

Lois Butler