If you need a BULLDOG to get a complicated job done, you’ve found the right law office.

Our case was not simple. It involved the financial abuse of the elderly over a long period of time. Our first attorney mostly wrote letters back and forth but we were going nowhere fast. Then by luck we were referred the Mr Ochrach. Suddenly we were no longer dead in the water and our offense was amazing. At times our case crossed over into several different areas of law outside of Jeff’s expertise but he knew exactly where to go for advice on those issues. Law is as much of an art as a science. He had to dig for evidence that spanned many years and then put it all together into a comprehensive case that was air tight. At the same time he was tracking down where all of the money had gone so he could recover it! It was amazing to watch. He communicated with us often and constantly explained his strategy so we were always in the loop as our case progressed. This was very comforting since we always knew exactly where we were. He turned what started out to be very stressful into a case that was almost amusing. In the end our case was so strong he had the other side making offers to avoid trial and wanting to settle. Even though we really wanted to see Jeff perform the trial, he is also very conservative and recommended that we settle. He had discovered that there was a possibility that our opponent was beginning to move (hide) funds and we could end up with the problem of getting our restitution. Not to mention our costs would still be increasing for the case. His logic and common sense convinced us he was right. (A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush) I would like to add that the person who referred us to Mr. Ochrach told us how their case went on for years but once they hired Jeff, he made short work out of it and their case was settled very quickly. I just cannot say enough about my confidence in Jeff and his very capable assistant Denise. The quality of their work is truly outstanding and his attention to detail is second to none. He is an amazing guy.