Jeff was recommended to me by a neighbor who had previous great experience with him. We had a difficult case, with little proof and lots of opposition perjury, and a highly-charged environment including a bitterly-fought restraining order against law enforcement. Jeff was a great listener, incorporating ideas we had when they made sense, and coming up to speed quickly on technical detail that was critical to our case. He was able to cross-examine the opposition to find the needles in the haystack to prove the lies arrayed against us, building our credibility and impeaching theirs. With our reputations and finances on the line, we knew we were in the right hands.

His demeanor in court was fabulous, with him being confident and aggressive enough to make the critical points, without being arrogant or overbearing or alienating the judge. We could tell that he was fighting our case as if it was his own, not just punching the clock.

We were fought bitterly all the way to the California Court of Appeals, where we again prevailed in all of the substance of the case.

Mike FreyASIC Architect