If I were on the opposing side I would shake in my shoes and cry. And…, that is exactly what happen when our Builder tried to bully us. All We could say at that time was: “Oh My Gosh!!!” Even if we lost, we were excited to have paid for that front row seat to justice. Well… We did not loose, in fact… It was a landslide win!!! Jeffrey Ochrach, brought “The proof is in the pudding”, front and center.
That builder was not able to ever do what he put our family through ever again to anyone else and for us… We are forever grateful to Jeffrey for his talent and intellectual intelligence to prevail for us all…
Facts are facts and he outshined every single attorney that came at us with cold hard proof and facts that could not be twisted by anyone.
Jeffrey, is the first and only attorney we’d recommend and he has prevailed for many others we have sent his way.
I know him personally and can tell you with proof. He is a man of high integrity who defends the truth, he is also just about the best dad around.

Don’t waste your mind or money with anyone else, if truth and integrity is important to your case?
Call Jeffrey Ochrach and make it a Win!

Marc & Robyn